New Spring Seasonals!

Our new Spring seasonals are here! Our seasonal pizzas are Bacon Leek Primo and Coppa Combo, and enjoy one of our favorite seasonal gelatos from Gelatiamo, Riso! [...]

Origins of Beer: The Birth of Civilization?

The next time you're enjoying one of humanity's great inventions—the combination of pizza and beer (now delivered right to your front door)—take a moment to raise your glass to the Sumerians of Mesopotamia for making it all possible. Read our blog about the origins of beer! [...]

Georgetown Brewing Company: The Little Brewery That Could

When we were looking for a local brewery to partner with, Georgetown Brewing Company was our first choice. However, with the launch of their new canning production and surging popularity, we wondered if we would be able to get enough 6-packs to meet our needs... Pagliacci is now delivering six-packs of all three canned beers Georgetown offers: Roger's, Lucille, and Bodhizafa. Read more about Georgetown on our blog! [...]

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