Ask Dr. Gamer

The latest edition of Pagliacci's newsletter is on video games so we asked Dr. Gamer, aka Dr. Frederick Chen, chief of family medicine at Harborview Medical Center, to answer a few health related video game questions for us. Learn how a passion for gaming led Dr. Chen to write a monthly advice column for the Official XBOX Magazine and read his first new Dr. Gamer (Pagliacci edition) column in almost ten years. [...]

Margaret Lau, We'll Miss You

After 31 years at Pagliacci, Margaret Lau is retiring. She started working for Pagliacci in 1986. Since then the number of pizzerias has grown from 1 to 26 and the general ledger is no longer a paper book with entries made by hand. Margaret has played an important role in the growth of the company and her wit, wisdom, passion and hard work will be missed. [...]

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