Crack Open a Pint of Pistachio Gelato

Pistachios have been getting a lot of play lately, and for good reason. These buttery little nuts, cashew's green cousin, are packed with nutrients. Here's the skinny on pistachios: Pistachios are fiber-rich and 90 percent of their fat is the heart-healthy mono- and polyunsaturated kind. Legend holds that the Queen of Sheba loved snacking on [...]

35th Anniversary Bash: Slashing Prices 70s Style

Thirty-five years ago, a hole-in-the-wall pizzeria took shape on the Ave. Like most of our first patrons (young 20-somethings in the throws of their college career), what this pizzeria lacked in material possessions, it made up for in dreams. While we have grown by leaps and bounds, we've always remained true to our original values. [...]

Celebrating Our Customers This Valentine's Day

Whether you relish Valentine’s Day in all its mushy, pink-and-red-heart-shaped glory or thumb your nose at it by choosing Singles Awareness Day, we’re all about celebrating our favorite people. That’s you! Everyone knows the quickest way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. With that in mind, we have something special lined up for you this [...]

Meet Our Crew: Angela Agustin

Since the dawn of time food has brought people together. Many of our crew members have fallen in love between the lunch and dinner rush. But, we have one location in particular where the odds of finding your sole mate are stacked highly in your favor. Just ask our Bellevue Square General Manager Angela Agustin [...]

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