Fall/Winter Newsletter Series: Project V Distillery & Sausage Company

Wine put Woodinville on the map, but there are a handful of folks carving out a market for distilleries in this nearby community. We caught up with Mo Heck, owner of Project V Distillery & Sausage Company, as she was heading back to town from her family's wheat fields. Going from grain to glass just wasn't enough [...]

Fall/Winter Newsletter Series: Letterpress Distilling

Escaping the wind and rain one afternoon, we ducked into Letterpress Distilling to tour the facility and taste Owner Skip Tognetti's creations. Thunder cracked nearby as we bellied up to the tasting bar. One sip of his vibrant limoncello and the clouds parted. Skip spent childhood summers sampling limoncello straight from his grandfather's Roman liquor [...]

SIFF Film Festival: Cinema Italian Style

We always find ourselves in a sort of limbo this time of year. It's not quite the holidays, ski season hasn't begun, and the odds of getting outdoors with our short days and wet weather are pretty slim. Luckily, SIFF comes to our rescue every time with its annual Italian film festival, Cinema Italian Style! [...]

Fall/Winter Newsletter Series: Sound Spirits Distillery

Sailing down 15th Avenue, you can easily miss one of Seattle's hottest landmarks. Sound Spirits Distillery, the first of its kind in the city since Prohibition, sits modestly butted against an antique shop. Octopus arms painted on the wall – an emblem of the distillery's brand – reach for the car wash next door. Inside [...]

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