Meet Our Crew: Ashraf Abdalla

Ashraf Abdalla's career with Pagliacci got off to a rocky start. "His first day was a crazy day," remembers Field Manager Jeff Maneval. "I got a call from Jun [Kenney, Phone Center general manager] on a Friday night telling me to go help Sand Point out, which is not the norm. I left my store [...]

Get Ready to Ride at the Annual Zucchini 500

Racing season has officially begun! We're excited to team up with the Neighborhood Famers Market Association for the Zucchini 500 Races. Featuring handmade summer squash roadsters, the aptly named Zucchini 500 is in its 16th year! Here's how it works: Piece together your zippiest zucchini car, take it for a spin down the speedway, then join [...]

Meet Our Crew: Brian Youngdahl

At 22, having just ended a long-term relationship and dropped out of college, Brian Youngdahl was a bit down-and-out. So, he did what any brazen 20-something would do. Brian rallied his friends and set off on a Kerouacian, cross-country adventure. He probably never imagined his quest for something different would lead to Pagliacci, but we're so [...]

Obliteride: Cycling Toward a Cure

You may have noticed those bright orange cards gracing the tops of your pizza boxes this summer. This weekend, August 9 – 11, more than 600 cyclists will take to the streets in solidarity for one great cause: finding a cure for cancer. And we are proud to get behind them. Obliteride is a bike ride [...]

San Juan Island Sea Salt

What do you get when you combine warm sunshine and saltwater? Most of us sun-starved Seattleites automatically picture a perfect beach day, but Brady Ryan's imagination went to salt. San Juan Island Sea Salt just launched in 2012, but it is already creating a buzz around town. Brady, the company's founder and Griffin Bay native, hauls water [...]

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