Castelvetrano Olives: Worth Their Weight in Salt

Hailing from the province of Trapani in Western Sicily, Castelvetrano olives are a rare but wildly popular variety here in the United States. Adored for their meaty bite and buttery flavor, these olives bring a bright quality to everything they touch. They even have their own Facebook fan page – a true mark of popularity. [...]

Hungry for the Finish Line: Stone Way Remodel Series

You may have noticed that conspicuous pit at the corner of Stone Way and 40th Street. The overhaul of our most petite location is already in the works, and soon enough this delivery kitchen will be a glimmer of its former self. Despite the added pressure of working in a construction zone, the crew at Stone [...]

Rolling Back Prices as Queen Anne Turns 25

Things that rocked Seattle in 1988: grunge, Seahawks, and Pagliacci Pizza. Our Queen Anne Pizzeria had just opened at the corner of Queen Anne Avenue and Mercer Street, perfectly positioned to feed droves of sports fans and club-goers. Turning 25 this year, our Queen Anne location has grown up with the neighborhood. Things are a [...]

Chicken Sausage & Morel Primo

Sausage and mushroom is a classic combination for good reason. The subtle sweetness of sausage is perfectly matched with the earthy richness of mushrooms, and the tang of tomato brings it all home. But this month we're spotlighting a pie that takes sausage and mushroom to a whole new level: the Chicken Sausage & Morel [...]

Bust a Move This Father's Day

We’re teaming up with KEXP for the uber popular Father’s Day Kids Dance Party on Sunday, June 16, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Kids and dads will be taking over the EMP as it transforms into the most fun dance party in town. Those not into rocking out with DJs Rhythma and Kid Hops can master [...]

Peak Season for the Asparagus Primo

It's no secret that we love locally sourcing our products as often as possible. Not only does this sustainable practice lend itself to a tastier pie, it helps build community while fostering a cleaner environment. Washington is one of the largest Asparagus producers in the United States, so we feel fortunate to have this elegant, [...]

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