Best Cook Competition

As we do every year we culled our stores for the best cooks and had them compete to see who truly is the best of the best at Pagliacci. Each store nominated one cook to compete for the title. We judged based on a balance between speed and quality, since we train our crew to [...]

Free Pizza for a Year?

Like a scientist in the lab, we love to experiment with new flavor combinations in our kitchen. However, we recognize that some of you are quite talented food engineers with a few ideas of your own. Is the Modernist Cuisine six volume set or abridged At Home version on your bookshelf? Do you enjoy testing [...]

"15 Wonderful Years": Happy Anniversary, Ruth Cohen!

After all these years, Phone Center Assistant Manager, Ruth Cohen still likes coming to work. And today, she celebrates her 15th Anniversary with the Pagliacci family. "I just answered an ad," she says modestly when asked how she first came to our Phone Center. It all began when she started moonlighting for extra money. An [...]

Spring/Summer Newsletter: Seattle Sports Scene (And Unseen)

You're already familiar with the Mariners, Sounders, Seahawks, and Storm, but what about the unsung sports teams of Seattle and the Puget Sound region? Do you know the name of our local curling club? What about our region's professional lacrosse team? Do you know who the Seattle Majestics are? We've got these answers and more [...]

A Little Slice of Bliss (For FREE This Saturday)

For those of you in search of pizza Shangri-La, your never-never land of brick-baked goodness, we'll get you one step closer. Our Lake City Way and Bridle Trails locations are now serving slices everyday starting at 11AM. In celebration, they will be dishing up free slices on April 20th. That's right! F-R-E-E slices! This slice-topia [...]

Serving Up Slices & Tunes

Red Square won't be the only place for food and live music on April 19th. In conjunction with University of Washington's HuskyFest featuring KEXP's Hood-to-Hood 2013, Pagliacci's original location on "The Ave" will feature a line-up of local musical acts from 3-7PM. A community celebration, UW's HuskyFest features live music with KEXP's broadcast and Hood-to-Hood [...]

It's a Ripe Time to be Green

Sometimes green isn't good. The Wicked Witch of the East is an evil biddy, the Incredible Hulk has rage issues, and raw green tomatoes can be poisonous. But the kind of green we are talking about is related to the environment, and what a ripe time it is to be green! At Pagliacci, we are [...]

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