In Defense of The Hawaiian

Let's face it, that particular subgenre of pizza known as "The Hawaiian" (or alternatively, Canadian Bacon and Pineapple, CBP, or my personal favorite, the Swine and Pine) inspires either love or loathing. Pizza purists (particularly folks from the East Coast) regularly come through our pizzeria slice bars and proclaim (often loudly) that "FRUIT DOES NOT [...]

Gelatiamo during the holidays

We absolutely love talking to Maria Coassin at Gelatiamo. Her pride and obvious enthusiasm for her gelato is nothing short of infectious, and you soon find yourself wanting to grab the nearest spoon and start sampling at her gelataria downtown. While we carry their chocolate, lemon, mint chocolate chip, raspberry, panna (a.k.a. sweet cream), salted [...]

Happy Anniversary, Uvania!

On December 10th 2002, Uvania Balbuena stepped through the door of our Sand Point Delivery Kitchen and began her first shift as a novice cook. After 10 years and a change in locations, Uvania is a senior crewmember at our Commissary. She's taken on the responsibilities of organizing the (many) daytime catering orders that come [...]

2012 Holiday Party

Around this time every year, we shut the ovens down early and gather together for our annual employee Holiday Party. Past years have seen our crew taking over such venues as Capitol Hill's Chop Suey, The Georgetown Ballroom and for many years, the late, lamented Sunset Bowl. Before it closed in 2008, our holiday parties [...]

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