'Twas the Night before...Thanksgiving'

'Twas the night before Thanksgiving, when all through the house, Every piece of food was for the next day, I felt bad for my spouse. We both looked longingly at the spread that was there, But it was all for tomorrow, and otherwise our poor fridge was bare. I looked at her with a tear [...]

Floisand Studio

Now that our new Madison Delivery Kitchen is open, many people have asked about the architect. Floisand Studio is the firm we chose to design this space, as we have a history of successful projects with them. We first worked with architect Richard Floisand and his incredible team when they remodeled the fa├žade of our Magnolia [...]

10 years on the phone!

According to Phone Center General Manager Jun Kenney, Associate Manager Sam Eisenhood was only planning on staying at Pagliacci for 6 months. He must have liked it here, because he is celebrating his 10-year anniversary at Pagliacci today! After growing up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Sam moved to Seattle during the early 90's for the [...]

Cinema...Italian Style!

Put on your sunglasses, hop on your Vespa and buzz on over to Queen Anne for SIFF's Fourth Annual Seattle Italian Film Festival! We are proud to sponsor this year's Festival, which opens Thursday the 15th and runs through the 20th. Opening the Festival is Reality, a black comedy set in Naples about a fisherman [...]

LEED Certified Pizzeria, comin' right up!

As we mentioned a couple of weeks ago in the blog post about the History of our new Madison Valley Location, we have built what we expect will be Seattle's first stand-alone LEED-certified pizzeria. As a locally owned, privately held business in Seattle, building LEED is a huge financial and logistical commitment, but being "green" [...]


The promise of free slices beckoned crowds of hungry Madison Valley dwellers to the opening of our newest location last Thursday. Curious neighborhood residents made their way in to marvel at the building that had gone up so quickly. Students from nearby schools quickly found the lure of free pizza impossible to resist. A bus [...]

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