Madison Update

Our new Madison location is starting to take shape! The retaining wall is in place and the frame is up. According to project manager Guy Thrall, floors and interior walls will be going into the kitchen and back areas of the building this weekend. The city inspectors have been out and signed off on the [...]

We're back at the HUB!

Today, UW students were greeted with a brand new Husky Union Building (aka The HUB) and the reopening of our HUB Pizzeria in Husky Den! Two years ago the HUB closed for a major upgrade. Built in 1949 and originally intended to serve 26,000 students, the HUB has had 4 smaller remodels over its 60-year [...]

Preseason...for Pizza!

Football season has started, the kids have gone back to school, and the lazy days of summer are over. In a few short weeks, our busiest time of the year will start. It's Pizza Preseason right now! We're currently drafting new talent. Our coaches, er, managers, scout the applicants. Their practiced eyes size up the [...]

Uncle D's BBQ Sauce

Jeff Maneval, the General Manager of the Miller Delivery Kitchen, always chuckles when he tells the story of the impetus behind our latest limited offering pizza, Uncle D's BBQ Chicken Primo. One of his long-time customers always asked if we had a BBQ chicken pizza. As this (very regular) customer approached 500 orders, he told [...]

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