Hey Kenmore, Let's do Lunch!

Hey Kenmore! You have an excuse to not pack lunch anymore! We've started serving slices at our Kenmore Delivery Kitchen! Now you can have something different from the regular old baloney sandwich or leftovers everyday of the week. Starting, well, NOW, you can come in any time after 11 am and get a hot, fresh [...]

Our Spring/Summer Newsletter has arrived!

OK…we admit it. We jumped on the Seattle World's Fair bandwagon like everyone else. But then, it's not often that an entire city gets to celebrate the Golden Anniversary of one of its iconic structures. And, while putting our Spring/Summer Newsletter together, we found out some interesting things about the area around Seattle Center. Would [...]

Naked Olives Ahead!

Did you know that black olives hide their natural beauty behind the veil of an additive called Ferrous Gluconate? This water-soluble iron salt artificially sets a black color in the olive. It doesn't change the olive's flavor, just its color. It is still the same amazing vegetable that people love to enjoy on their [...]

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