A Special Salumi

Like many Seattleites, we've developed an affinity for Salumi Artisan Cured Meats. We patiently waited with bated breath for them to receive their USDA certification. The moment that happened in 2005 we could barely contain our excitement and built a seasonal around their Finocchiona salami. Consequently, we have been looking for an excuse to feature [...]

March Madness 2012 FINALS

This past Saturday we held the finals for our annual March Madness contest at the Bridle Trails Delivery Kitchen. It was a battle between some experienced tossers – the least tenured competitor has been with Pagliacci for over 2 years. The Final Four were all competing for pride, cash, and dinner for their entire store [...]

BACON. Need we say more?

Let's face it…just about everyone loves bacon. Many people have called it "the gateway meat" and its salty, smoky charm can even turn some vegetarians back into carnivores. The demand for the Bacon Leek pizza that won our recipe contest last year proved so strong that we knew we had to bring it back. This [...]

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