March Madness, Pagliacci style...

This weekend hordes of people ventured out to watch tributes battle in a match that would see only one winner emerge victorious and return home a hero to many. Pagliacci was not exempt from this phenomenon either. No, we didn't take our pizza people to see The Hunger Games. This weekend saw our annual Best [...]

Broadway Comedy Night Returns!

We're bringing funny back to the Broadway Pizzeria with The People's Republic of Komedy. That's right kids, come experience the resurrection of Comedy Night on Thursday March 29th from 8-10pm at our Broadway Pizzeria. Thrill to the comedic stylings of Kevin Hyder! Roar with laughter at Tristan Devin, Travis Watt, John Theroux and Carl Westgren! [...]

Mika Loudon

Currently hanging at the Broadway Pizzeria, Mika Loudon's photos reflect her view that art can be spontaneous and can be everywhere. She uses pictures taken with her iPhone and mounts them on wooden blocks, which she then covers in resin. She likes the relative permanence of the wood and the resin, as they allow her [...]

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