Wednesday February 29th is Leap Day, and we wanted to celebrate it by rolling prices back to one of our favorite leap years, 1984. Back then, we only had 2 pizzerias, and you could get a slice of our Original Cheese for $.90 and a slice of our Primo for $1.35. Our first pizzeria in [...]

The Oscars are almost here!

The Academy Awards are this Sunday, and (master of the segue that I am,) I thought I would take on a question that is heard in many of our locations: "So, just what is the story with the Italian movie posters, anyway?" When our founder, Dorene Centioli-McTigue opened up our first pizzeria in the University District, [...]


From an expanded salad and wine selection to a broader choice of desserts, we've always been delighted to offer an enhanced menu at our Bellevue Square Pizzeria. While gelato from Gelatiamo has always been a part of our after dinner offerings, we are pleased to bring another local favorite to Bellevue Square, cheesecake from The [...]

New Art At Broadway

This month's new art at the Broadway Pizzeria comes to us from Frank Khrounek. The Chicago native has been practicing art ever since he can remember. He credits his parents with fostering his creativity and encouraging him. As a kid, trips to the art store with his dad were one of the highlights of his [...]

The Meatball

Occasionally, a topping that we love fails to do as well as we think it should. Such was the case with our Meatballs. We had wanted to offer meatballs as a topping for quite awhile, and thanks to CasCioppo Brothers in Ballard we finally found a meatball that we felt suited our pizzas. We thought [...]

What a Super day Sunday is supposed to be!

Pagliacci is really excited for this Sunday. The annual championship game between 2 major football franchises that are not soccer and can't be referenced by its true name without threat of trademark violation will be taking place. Isn't that SUPER? This year's game involves a team of large men that are of uncommon strength, statue [...]

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