Hollywood zombies have come a long way from the slow, shambling monsters that were under the control of a voodoo priest in Haiti, where the film portrayals of them were usually set. Notable films of this first era of zombie movies were 1932’s White Zombie and 1943’s I Walked With A Zombie. It wasn’t until [...]


When we started our Mushroom Primo this year, our hope was to feature wild mushrooms exclusively and to use a new variety for us, the lobster mushroom. Its firm, dense texture, rich interesting flavor and bright color really stands out on the pie. Unfortunately, shortly after we started the pizza, we couldn’t get them any [...]

Record Complaint Free Streak!

Regular readers of this blog may remember when Abbas Hayek was awarded the coveted Driver Trophy. Abbas, a delivery driver out of our 85th Street location, has held the trophy ever since. The Driver Trophy is held by the driver who has the longest complaint-free streak. I’m sure you are thinking, “How hard can it [...]

The Tanguay

It is a truism among General Managers here at Pagliacci that there is the right way, the wrong way, and the Tanguay (which is really the right way with improvements.) Jim Tanguay, General Manager of our 85th Street Delivery Kitchen, celebrated his 20th anniversary with Pagliacci Pizza last week and was presented with a brand [...]

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