Pagliacci March Madness

The final for March Madness featured the 4 best tossers in the competition – and coincidentally one from each position in our kitchen. 145th GM Mike Baxley, who has a fear of octopi, went first only to find that one of his competitors had sabotaged the flour bin with a hidden octopus leg. After shaking [...]

Peeps Contest 2011

It turns out we are really, really good at utilizing peeps (or is it PEEPS) to make interesting artwork. This fact has been proven out year after year when we have our annual peeps contest. Each of the locations is given a few boxes of peeps and asked to submit something interesting. As these pictures [...]

Pagliacci March Madness -- Sweet 16 Day 2

On Saturday the second group of tossers came to Lake City Way to try and earn a berth into the finals. With a cumulative scoring system the competitors knew just how low they had to go. Perhaps jangled by nerves most of the tossers put a hole in their dough – a significant drag on [...]

Pagliacci March Madness -- Sweet 16 Round 1

Today we had the first group of the final 16 attempt to move to the Final Four. We take a cumulative score from the 1st and 2nd round to determine the top 4 who will move on to the finals next weekend at Lake City Way. With first round scores already established some strategizing is [...]

Pagliacci March Madness -- Sweet 16

This week we will narrow down the top 16 performers and end with the best 4. We have all 4 regions of Pagliacci represented and all are hopeful to move forward. Just who is eligible for March Madness? We take all employees who are Core Crew Certified and narrow down to 64 – with each [...]

Pagliacci March Madness Day 4 -- Central Regional

The last day of the first round turned out to be the fastest – and was the only region dominated by crew. Co-workers Marc Goodwin and Matt Millen of Stone Way showed up together and left together – as the top 2 performers of the day. Their GM, Brady Madsen, came decked out in Air [...]

Red White Unite - Aiding Japan

It’s been difficult watching the news unfold about the events happening in Japan. One tragic episode after another with videos and photos to capture it all. Of course we wanted to do our part to help aid in relief efforts. As we were contemplating what to do, our friends at Suzuki Chou Communimedia contacted us [...]

Pagliacci March Madness Day 3 -- North Regional

The weekend hit and our biggest turnout so far descended on Lake City to toss out the best pies they possibly could. With nearly 20 competitors tossing today it was quite a lot of pizzas to judge… and eat! Mike Baxley, GM of 145th, was glad for all the competitors because he nearly forgot about [...]

Pagliacci March Madness Day 2 -- West Regional

The West Regional tossed pies at our Magnolia delivery kitchen with hopes of advancing to the Sweet 16. With higher times than the East's tossers, everyone hoped for a quality pie. With the majority of competitors either currently working at Magnolia or having worked there in the past Home Kitchen Advantage seemed likely to come [...]

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