And The Winning Pizza Is...

When we asked what you'd create if you wielded our pizza peels we really had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. We anticipated a few dozen recipes, never imagining over 750 of our customers would submit their creations. The process of testing so many pizzas was daunting. After narrowing the field to the [...]

Pagliacci March Madness Day 1 -- East Regional

Every year as the NCAA basketball tournament starts winding down, our best cooks start warming up for our Best Cook Contest. This is our third year since expanding the field to 64. We break up our 22 stores into regions and get 64 of our best cooks to battle each other in a contest of [...]

The Top 23

I know many of you are probably wondering whatever happened with our pizza contest. We received over 750 recipes and vowed to make every single one of them. It just took us a little longer than expected. We divided up the recipes among our locations and asked them to pick their favorite. It took us [...]

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