Pizza Contest -- The First Round of Judging

When we announced our pizza contest in our recent newsletter, submissions started flooding in. Throw in email alerts, Facebook posts, tweets and press about the contest and those submissions began multiplying exponentially. Many people named their pizzas. Some spotlight the ingredinets, like The Potato Truffle or Blanco Primo with Fresh Arugula. Nathan's Pineapple Express and [...]

Pizza Contest

Top Chef, The Food Network and the growing popularity of food blogs have shined a new spotlight on food and cooking over the last few years. Whether you are wearing the apron or consider yourself to be a spectator chef, learning more about different food and ways to prep it is currently a growing interest [...]

20th Anniversary for "The Voice of Pagliacci"

When you call to place an order with us, you are usually greeted by the voice many have come to associate with Pagliacci. The woman with that cheerful voice you hear in our welcome messages is Jun Kenney, General Manager of our Phone Center. Today she celebrates her 20th anniversary with Pagliacci. When Jun joined [...]

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