Summer Pet Newsletter

Over the past year or two it seems like our crew has gone pet crazy. Person after person after person has mentioned getting a new pet. So we decided to focus on that phenomenon in our summer newsletter, making it a pet issue. Sometimes the greatest challenge for our newsletter is determining which of our [...]

Summer Festivals

It's been a while since we've participated in summer festivals. Our involvement came to a screeching halt when our mobile oven gave out on us a few years ago. The only exception being West Seattle Summer Fest. Since the event takes place right outside our doors, we didn't need a mobile oven. We just set [...]

4th of July

Every 4th of July we take an oath to turn off the pizza ovens and celebrate our country's independence along with everyone else. After all, everyone is firing up the grill. No one wants pizza. So we take advantage of our day off by throwing our annual company picnic. And no…we don't serve pizza. We [...]

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