Seasonal Start Dates

We consider our seasonal pizzas our babies. As such, their start dates can be just as much of a moving target as due dates. We always hope to begin delivering seasonal pizzas by a certain calendar date, but sometimes Mother Nature has her own plans. We recently experienced this with Walla Walla Sweet Onions. This [...]

Peppadews & The World Cup

We've been a fan of Peppadew Piquante Peppers for years and often talked about topping our pies with them. When we combined them with Salumi's rosmarino salami on our Salame Picante, we knew we had something pretty special. The sweet heat of the pepper paired perfectly with the rosemary-seasoned salami. So what's the World Cup [...]

Seasonal Weather

While we welcome long rain streaks that are great for the pizza business, the flip side is availability of quality local products. This recent cold wet weather has impacted the asparagus crop. We usually receive all of our asparagus supply from our friends at Kinsey Farms in Sunnyside, Washington. Due to this unexpected cool, wet [...]

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