Best Cook Competition

This April, 64 of Pagliacci's best tossers tested their mettle against one another. The early rounds saw some great performances - especially in the North Bracket where Mike Baxley from 145th, Kyu Han from 85th, Brian Youngdahl from Ballinger and John Bassage from 145th put up not only the best 4 scores of their region, [...]

Pagliacci's April Madness

For the last couple of years we have had a best cook competition that has become our version of March Madness. Each cook is tasked with making the best possible cheese pizza in less than 60 seconds. This year we got off to a late start, renaming the event April Madness. We started off with [...]

Peeps Contest

Sure signs of spring include sunshine, cherry blossoms, birds chirping and invasion of Peeps. In honor of Easter we hold a Peeps contest where we challenge our crew to sculpt, build or create a peepscape. They can use as many or as few Peeps as they choose and add whatever accessories they like. Their only [...]

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