May Seasonals! Asparagus Prosciutto, BBQ Chicken, Orange Cream Gelato

Join us in celebrating this flavorful season with our Asparagus Prosciutto, BBQ Chicken and Orange Cream Gelato. Read more about these delicious seasonals here, on the blog! [...]

Rosé All May!

The 2018 Pour Me Rosé, made from 100 percent Malbec, is brisk and refreshing. Vibrant pink in color, it has a delightful mouth-watering acidity. Watermelon and alpine strawberry flavors dominate. And àMaurice Cellars made only 88 cases. We purchased as many bottles as we could and are proud to offer rosé all May. [...]

New Spring Seasonals!

Our new Spring seasonals are here! Our seasonal pizzas are Bacon Leek Primo and Coppa Combo, and enjoy one of our favorite seasonal gelatos from Gelatiamo, Riso! [...]

Origins of Beer: The Birth of Civilization?

The next time you're enjoying one of humanity's great inventions—the combination of pizza and beer (now delivered right to your front door)—take a moment to raise your glass to the Sumerians of Mesopotamia for making it all possible. Read our blog about the origins of beer! [...]

Georgetown Brewing Company: The Little Brewery That Could

When we were looking for a local brewery to partner with, Georgetown Brewing Company was our first choice. However, with the launch of their new canning production and surging popularity, we wondered if we would be able to get enough 6-packs to meet our needs... Pagliacci is now delivering six-packs of all three canned beers Georgetown offers: Roger's, Lucille, and Bodhizafa. Read more about Georgetown on our blog! [...]

Pour Me Wine - Washington Wines

When we decided to up our delivery game by adding beer and wine we had tough decisions to make about what to carry. Wine was the most difficult of all... Then a friend tipped us off that one of our favorite Washington State winemakers, àMaurice Cellars, had an under-the-radar house wine called Pour Me. What a discovery it was! To our palate, Pour Me, both the red and white, are the best bottles of Washington wine in the $20 range. Read more about àMaurice on the blog! [...]

Spring Seasonals

Spring is here and so are the Spring Seasonals! The Matador Primo features La Quercia 'Nduja and Castelvetrano olives and seasonal Peanut Butter Cup Gelato is a hit in any household. We're also featuring our Verdura Primo, a beautiful pizza inspired by Spring in Rome. Read more about these pies on our blog! [...]

Dancing the Dream

Pagliacci Pizza supports many local arts organizations. A favorite is the Pacific Northwest Ballet. Their Professional Division is one of the premier ballet training programs in the country. To learn more about what it takes to become a professional dancer we spoke with two very inspiring and talented students in the program. You can see Professional Division students in PNB's upcoming production of Pinocchio, performed by PNB students. Shows are March 17 and 23. Read more about PNB here! [...]

$3.14 Pi Day Deals

Whether you love math or love to hate it, celebrate π Day with us! No need to break out the calculator to enjoy 3/14, we've got you covered. Geek out with us and get two slices for just $3.14. If you prefer a whole round pie, order an 11" pizza and get a second 11" pizza for just $3.14. Read more about our Pi Day specials on our blog! [...]

Our New Seasonals: Salame Piccante, Broccolini and Cappuccino Gelato!

The Salame Piccante is back, featuring the beloved Salumi's Rosmarino Salame and sweet and spicy peppadew peppers! Broccolini Combo is our other seasonal alongside the Salame Piccante, with Cappuccino Gelato to satisfy your sweet tooth. [...]

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