Our Upcoming Giveaway: Macrina's Bagels

Next Tuesday 9/22, we'll include a 4-pack of Macrina Bakery's Organic MadRy Sourdough Bagels with all orders of a whole pie, while supplies last. [...]

Upcoming Giveaway: Miss Marjorie's Steel Drum Plantains 

Order a whole pie next Tuesday, September 8 and we'll bring you a box of Miss Marjorie's Steel Drum Plantains.   [...]

New Season, New Seasonals 

As we inch into fall, we're still enjoying the last of the summer harvest. One of our favorite end of season crops is new potatoes. We think of potatoes as being a year 'round crop, and due to modern storage, they mostly are with the exception of New Potatoes, which are sold right after they're harvested August through October.  [...]

Flowerhead Rosé

We have a fabulous new Washington State rosé made by the Mark Ryan Winery. Bottles of this pizza-friendly wine are now available for delivery or pickup. [...]

Upcoming Giveaway: JuneBaby Hot Sauce

Order a whole pie Tuesday August 11, and we'll bring you a bottle of the best hot sauce you've ever tasted. [...]

Upcoming Giveaway: Coffee Beans from Boon Boona

Order a whole pie this Tuesday (August 18), and we'll bring you a bag of Boon Boona's single-estate Owemba coffee, a premium coffee from Uganda.  [...]

Now Available: Macrina Bakery's Ready-to-Bake Olivia's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Nothing beats a chocolate chip cookie right out of the oven, warm but still gooey. With Macrina Bakery's Ready-to-Bake Olivia's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough you can pop a tray in the oven while you eat your pizza and enjoy one of Seattle's finest cookies at their best—warm in the middle with a crisp exterior and a soft, rich crumb.  [...]

Farm to Pizza Seasonals

Our August seasonal specials include Peachza, a long-time customer favorite, Emily's Pie, our newest seasonal. [...]

Hmong Flower Pop-Up at Pagliacci Pizza 

When the Pike Place Market closed in mid-March due to Washington state's stay-home order, the Hmong flower sellers had to adapt. Vikki Cha has opened a pop-up five days of the week at various Pagliacci locations.  [...]

Our Upcoming Giveaway: Plum Bistro

This Tuesday (7/21) we're giving away vegan cookies from Plum Bistro with all orders of a whole pie while supplies last. You won't even miss the butter! [...]

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