Anybody Seen Squatch Lately?

Look out for another killer design coming soon to a pizza near you. [...]

Seasonal Pizzas, New Salad, and a Whopper

The garden tomato: they thrive in the long, hot summer days and develop flavors unlike anything you'll find at the supermarket. And their aroma! Take a deep whiff—that's the quintessential smell of summer. [...]

New Beer Alert: Seapine's Candle Fly Kolsch

Our latest refreshing summertime fascination is Seapine's Candle Fly Kolsch. [...]

Reopening Day: Celebrate with Free Slices!

It's been 15 long months and we can't wait to see you again! [...]

85th Street: New and Improved

Our store on 85th, one of our busiest, was sinking into the ground, necessitating some major construction. We made some major improvements to the interior, including more windows, a slice bar, and a dedicated pickup station for customers who've ordered ahead. [...]

Juneteenth Fundraiser for Community Passageways

In honor of Juneteenth, Pagliacci Pizza is kicking off another fundraiser for Community Passageways with a $50,000 contribution. An additional $25,000 in matching funds has been provided by Macrina Bakery, DeLaurenti, and Caffe Umbria. Our goal is to raise $150,000 for Community Passageways. [...]

New Seasonal Pizzas For Your Gatherings

With rising numbers of those vaccinated and falling virus cases, gatherings at parks, in backyards, at friends' homes—inside!—are happening all across the greater Seattle area. Maskless smiles abound, as do, gulp, hugs. After a year of isolation, it feels almost like a mass celebration. [...]

Mash-up: Lil Woody's & Pagliacci

Love pizza AND burgers but can't decide which to have for dinner? A Capitol Hill collusion yields two creative solutions, one by Pagliacci, the other by Lil Woody's. Tasty? Check. Fun? Check. Hungry? Check out our blog to learn all about it. [...]

Gifts of the Land: Our New Seasonals 

From asparagus to Skagit strawberries, Yakima Valley peaches to Walla Walla onions, wild mushrooms from our western forests to esteemed local producers of cured meat and sausage, we live among an embarrassment of riches. [...]

New Seasonals to Plan Your Week Around

Delicious local products make our favorite topping - and are featured in our latest seasonal pies! [...]

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