Baci: Kisses From Italy

With Valentine's Day approaching, and in honor of our seasonal offering of Gelatiamo's Bacio Gelato, we've dipped into the history of one of Italy's most famous confections. Learn the history behind the iconic love notes, the Baci of tomorrow, and how they were almost named Cazzotti (punches). [...]

A Skagit Valley Adventure: Butternut Squash and Preserved Lemons

Join us on our visit to Viva Farms in Skagit Valley as we visited the butternut squash we will be using on our Butternut Sage Primo and preserved lemons for our Tuscan Kale pie. [...]

All About the Hatch

Meet the newest topping on the Pagliacci make-line: the Hatch chile. This New Mexican gem tops our BBQ Chicken Primo for the next month. [...]

Gelatiamo's Peanut Butter Cup Game Changer

We don't have to tell you that chocolate and peanut butter are two flavors that were made for each other. That creamy peanut butter encased in a milk chocolate shell has been wooing candy cravers for decades, until our friends at Gelatiamo changed everything. [...]

Eggnog "Ice Cream" Sandwiches

Planning to set out a tray of treats for the big man in red? We've got just the thing! We teamed up with our friends at Gelatiamo for a creamy confection that will send you to the top of the nice list – both with Santa and your friends. [...]

Down on the Farm Series: Growing Great Farmers

We love teaming up with local businesses that share our commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. Viva Farms had all of that in spades with the added bonus of helping others achieve their dreams. Keep reading to learn about this [...]

Down on the Farm Series: Where the Kale Grows

We took a field trip to the Snoqualmie Valley to see where our kale grows! Keep reading to learn how we came to partner with fine folks of Oxbow Farm. [...]

'Nduja: An American Spin on a Calabrian Classic

'Nduja (pronounced en-DOO-ya) doesn't exactly roll off the tongue but it does make mouths happy! Keep reading to learn about this tongue-twisting ingredient that's quickly becoming everyone's favorite pizza topping. [...]

Zucchini 500: Transforming Courgettes into Corvettes

Start you engines! The Zucchini 500 speedway is back for its 17th year at the Seattle Neighborhood Farmers Markets! We're sponsoring your speed racers for a third year running. Turn your courgette into a Corvette, send it down the track, and then learn how to toss pizza dough with our crew at this fun-for-all-ages event. [...]

Crack Open a Pint of Pistachio Gelato

Pistachios have been getting a lot of play lately, and for good reason. These buttery little nuts, cashew's green cousin, are packed with nutrients. Here's the skinny on pistachios: Pistachios are fiber-rich and 90 percent of their fat is the heart-healthy mono- and polyunsaturated kind. Legend holds that the Queen of Sheba loved snacking on [...]

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