Heirloom Tomatoes

It is easy to forget that not all ripe tomatoes are red. In fact, heirloom tomatoes can come in a multitude of colors including red, pink, orange, black, purple, brown, white and green. Some of the names given to these exceptional fruits are truly out-there. With names like Burgess Mammoth Wonder, Green Zebra, Bloody Butcher or [...]

4th of July

The next event was Fastest Toss. Cooks had to toss out pizza dough to 17" without tearing a hole in it before anyone else. Mike Baxley, General Manager of 145th, proved he is the fastest dough tosser in the west. At least this year. Cooks had a second chance to prove themselves in [...]

Loki Fish Company

This year both Pagliacci and Loki Fish Company are celebrating thirty years of business in Seattle! In 1979 Pagliacci sold its first slice on The Ave in the University District. Meanwhile, off the coast of British Columbia in the Clarence Straight, local fisherman Peter Knutson was bringing in his first harvest of wild [...]

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