Summer Pet Newsletter

West Seattle's Mike Niznik was one of many volunteering pictures of pets. Here is his Yorkie, Sophie.

Over the past year or two it seems like our crew has gone pet crazy. Person after person after person has mentioned getting a new pet. So we decided to focus on that phenomenon in our summer newsletter, making it a pet issue.

Sometimes the greatest challenge for our newsletter is determining which of our wonderful crewmembers to feature.  If we are looking for crew with particular talents and interests, I usually put out a call to managers to help me find the right people. Sometimes the list falls short of the usually 10 slots I’m trying to fill. That wasn’t the case for this issue. Plenty of people volunteered themselves and their pets. But we were only able to shine the spotlight on a few.

We hope you enjoy our latest newsletter, which can be read here.


Summer Festivals

It’s been a while since we’ve participated in summer festivals. Our involvement came to a screeching halt when our mobile oven gave out on us a few years ago. The only exception being West Seattle Summer Fest. Since the event takes place right outside our doors, we didn’t need a mobile oven. We just set up a booth right outside our door and used our normal ovens.

This year we bought a new double deck oven and put it on wheels. We took it for a test drive at the West Seattle event last weekend, knowing we could always fall back on our full set of ovens in the kitchen.

It was a smooth ride. Now we’re ready to take it on it’s first solo road trip to the Bellevue Arts Fair on July 23-25. Hope to see you there!

4th of July

Every 4th of July we take an oath to turn off the pizza ovens and celebrate our country’s independence along with everyone else. After all, everyone is firing up the grill. No one wants pizza. So we take advantage of our day off by throwing our annual company picnic. And no…we don’t serve pizza. We fire up a grill (or two…or three), just like everyone else.

While the weather was nothing like what we’ve experienced the rest of this week, we faced the cooler temps at Golden Gardens, grilled a bunch of proteins and put on our annual Pizzalympic games.

Who folds the fastest box in all of Pagliacci? Emory Liu from Miller Delivery Kitchen. Who tossed the fastest 17” pizza? Adrian Aramburu from Bellevue Pizzeria. Who tossed the biggest dough in 45 seconds? Brady Madsen from 85th Street. What location rocked the teamwork in our crazy relay race? Ballinger Way Delivery Kitchen. What location muscled their way to tug-of-war champs? Lake City Way pulled out the win and will reign supreme until next year.