New Breadsticks

breadsticksArtisan breads are enjoyed by so many here in the Northwest, just like pizza!  Our wish is for our breadsticks to be just as popular as our pizza, which is why we’ve entrusted local artisan bread makers at Macrina Bakery to craft our breadsticks.  After many tastings and tweaks to the recipe, we finally found a flavor that would altogether complement our pizzas, pastas and salads.

Our new breadstick is very similar to Macrina’s popular Olivetta dough and is crafted with modest ingredients of flour, filtered water, salt, olive oil, parmesan cheese and yeast.  We top the breadsticks ourselves with mozzarella, fontina and parmesan cheeses seasoned with salt and pepper.

Of course the most enjoyable part of artisan-crafted bread is the freshness ― our breadsticks are formed by hand each morning then delivered and baked the same day.  Haven’t tried them yet?  Take advantage of our Frequent Pie-er special this month to get a free pair of breadsticks with a purchase of $10 or more!